IUGG Structure

IUGG Associations, Inter-Association Activities, Union Commissions, and Working Groups encourage scientific investigation of Earth science and especially interdisciplinary aspects. Each Association establishes working groups and commissions that can be accessed by using the links below or at the top of this page.

IUGG Structure


Union Commissions

IUGG Committees deal with a specific activity of the Union. The following IUGG Standing Committee is active presently:

  • Statutes and ByLaws Committee

Moreover several ad hoc Committees are set up before IUGG General Assemblies to deal with the topics related to the assemblies, namely:

  • Nominating Committee
  • Site Evaluation Committee
  • Resolution Committee

Countries in which „independent activity in geodesy and geophysics has been developed“ may establish an Adhering Organization/Body and seek membership. For more information, visit How to Join or About IUGG.