Planetary Sciences (UCPS)

The Union Commission on Planetary Sciences (UCPS) was established by the IUGG Executive Committee in June 2015 to promote and coordinate scientific (physical, chemical, and mathematical) studies of planets in the solar system and around other stars.


  • to promote studies of all aspects of, and physical processes related to, Earth’s cryosphere and that of other bodies of the Solar System;
  • to encourage research on these subjects by the cryospheric sciences community, through national and international institutions and programmes, and by individual countries as well as through collaboration and international co-ordination;
  • to provide an international platform for discussions and publications of results arising from research activities as mentioned above;
  • to promote education and public outreach on cryospheric processes and cryospheric research;
  • to facilitate the collection of data on cryospheric systems through standardized measurements and to promote the analysis, publication and archiving of such data.

Contact information:

The following are current officers of the Commission:

Chair: Shuanggen Jin (China)
Secretary: Scot Rafkin (USA)

More information about UCPS can be found at: