Climatic and Environmental Change (CCEC)

The Union Commission on Climatic and Environmental Change (CCEC) was established by the Executive Committee of IUGG in 2012 in order to promote the advancement of scientific understanding of climatic and environmental change, to boost research in reducing uncertainties in climate and environmental models, to define criteria for collaborative trans-disciplinary research on climate and environmental change, to fulfill the objectives of IUGG and its associations, to provide an all-Union perspective on climatic and environmental change, and to make available the knowledge and insights developed through scientific research to the benefit of society and planet Earth, including consideration of the science of global change, related vulnerability and impacts, and potential responses.

CCEC provides a focus for IUGG scientific expertise in climate and environment related areas across the breadth of all IUGG disciplines and associations. CCEC enables the breadth of IUGG expertise to be brought to bear at the global level through collaborating with, and underpinning the work of ISC and other international organizations.

It also enables the geographic spread of IUGG expertise to be brought to bear at the local level through involvement with national bodies in the organization of meetings and other activities.


  • To build scientific capacity for responsibly addressing the broad, multi-disciplinary issues involved in climatic and environmental change;
  • To provide useful information, understanding, and support to the public and governmental organizations;
  • To interact and cooperate with outside activities that would benefit from the capabilities and resources of the IUGG Associations; and
  • To strengthen links across the Scientific Associations within IUGG, to build new external links to organizations outside IUGG, to strengthen existing links to external organizations and to promote IUGG’s contribution to global change research.

Contact Information:

The following are current officers of the Commission:

Chair: Jianping Li (China)
Secretary: Tonie van Dam (Luxembourg)