In 2007, IUGG established the Grants Program to complement its existing program of funding scientific meetings. The Program aims to support projects of importance to the international geophysical and geodetic community, which will explore new scientific ideas and develop future international initiatives.

A typical proposal may be for a workshop or a meeting of experts from several disciplines to develop a specific scientific program or assessment, particularly addressing an enhancement of geophysical research and Earth science education in underdeveloped and developing countries.
Although the range of activities supported is broad, the project proposals should be of scientific and societal importance, and their results are expected to provide clear recommendations to politicians and other decision makers at national and local levels and to the general public in terms of the urgent actions to be undertaken.

The deliverables of the projects should bring increased visibility to IUGG and the Union Associations.

IUGG announced a Call for Grants 2024-2027.