The IUGG Electronic Journal

Volume 2 No. 11a (November 4, 2002)

Special Edition of the IUGG E-Journal to Circulate the Report of the IUGG Nominations Committee

A printed copy of the following report will be mailed to the officers of the Union and the Associations and the IUGG National Committees. Please note that further nominations can be received before March 30 by following the instructions given in the IUGG Statutes and as provided in the report.

This report and the Curriculum Vitae (C.Vs) of the candidates have been posted on the IUGG Web site:

To: The IUGG National Committees andthe officers of the IUGG and its Associations

October 31, 2002

Dear Colleagues,
Given below is the list of nominations for the IUGG Bureau and the Finance Committee as agreed upon by the Nominating Committee. For each position either one or two candidates have been nominated, as required by the By-Laws (10b). The positions and the nominated candidates are:

President: U. Shamir (Israel) and W.R. Peltier (Canada)
Vice-President: P. Malanotte-Rizzoli (Italy) and T. Beer (Australia)
Treasurer: A.W. Hansen (Denmark)

Finance Committee

  • Position #1 D.D. Jackson (USA)
  • Position #2 M.J. Hamlin (UK)
  • Position #3 B.L.N Kennett (Australia)
  • Position #4 V.K. Gaur (India)
  • Position #5 M.E. Perillo (Argentina) and J. Vilas (Argentina)

Bureau Members

  • Position #1 A. Tealeb (Egypt)
  • Position #2 A.V. Nikolaev (Russia) and H.K. Gupta (India)
  • Position #3 Y.T. Chen (China) and C.S. Sava (Romania)

Note that the current Secretary General, J.A. Joselyn, was elected for an eight year period in 1999. The position is therefore not up for election this time. Resumes of all candidates have been posted on the IUGG web site.

During the next five months, new candidates for each office will be added to the list given above if they are supported by at least three presidents or equivalent officers of National Committees of Member Adhering Bodies. As before, the candidates must signify their acceptance of nomination and must prepare a resume outlining their position, research interests, and activities related to the Union. The deadline for adding nominations is 30 March, 2003.

The resulting final list of nominations will be completed and distributed by 30 April, 2003. The By-Laws provide for re-nominations following the close of the first Council Meeting at the General Assembly.

If you have any question concerning the nomination procedure, please contact the chair of the Nominating Committee, Klaus-Peter Schwarz, at the following e-mail address

For the Nominating Committee
Klaus-Peter Schwarz

End of IUGG Electronic Journal Volume 2 Number 11a (November 4, 2002)
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