The IUGG Electronic Journal

Volume 2 No. 4 (April 1, 2002)

This short, informal newsletter is intended to keep IUGG Member National Committees informed about the activities of the IUGG Associations, and actions of the IUGG Secretariat. Past issues are posted on the IUGG Web site. Please forward this message to those who will benefit from the information. Your comments are welcome.


  1. IUGG 2003 General Assembly Second Circular available on the Web
  2. IAVCEI receives grant from ICSU Committee on Disaster Reduction
  3. Reminder: Nominations for IUGG Officers and Finance Committee are open
  4. IUGG-related meetings occurring during April - June 2002

1. IUGG 2003 General Assembly Second Circular available on the Web

Information about the Sapporo Assembly, especially the Scientific Programme, is now available on the General Assembly Web Site. To access the Web Site, go to the IUGG index page ( and click on the "2003 IUGG General Assembly" link. While the web version is still preliminary, the final print version of the Second Circular is nearing completion and will be posted soon.

2. IAVCEI receives grant from ICSU Committee on Disaster Reduction

The International Association for Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) has been awarded $12,000 for each of the next 3 years to strengthen capabilities in Latin America for volcano monitoring and hazard assessment through improved training. The principal investigators are Marino Protti, Director of the Observatorio Volcanologico y Sismologico de Costa Rica, John Ewert, Associate Chief, Volcano Disaster Assistance Program, USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (Vancouver, Washington, USA), and Stephen McNutt, Secretary-General of IAVCEI.

3. Reminder: Nominations for IUGG Officers and Finance Committee are open

The IUGG Council will elect a new Bureau (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and 3 Members) and Finance Committee (5 members) at its meeting in Sapporo in 2003. (The Secretary-General was elected for two terms in 1999.) Instructions regarding the procedures to be used to submit nominations are posted on the IUGG Web site, and have been mailed to all IUGG officers and Adhering Bodies. The following information is included in those instructions

Who may submit candidates for nomination?
The Adhering Bodies of the Member Countries, and the Officers of the Union and the Associations may submit candidates. Scientists represented by Adhering Bodies that have Associate membership, or have been in Observer status for more than two years and scientists from countries not represented by an Adhering Body are not eligible to hold elected positions in the Union or in its constituent Associations.

What is required of the candidates?
Candidates must signify their acceptance of nomination and must prepare a resume outlining their position, research interests, and activities related to the Union.

What are the deadlines for submissions?
The first deadline is 30 September 2002. After that time, the Nominations Committee will prepare a document nominating one or two names for each position that will seek a reasonable balance in geographical and professional distribution. This document will be distributed to the Adhering Bodies, the National Committees, and the officers of the Union by 30 November, 2002.

Please submit nominations to the Chair of the Nominations Committee as shown below.
fax: 1 403 284 1980
post: Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Schwarz
Dept. of Geomatics Engineering
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, ALBERTA T2N 1N4

4. IUGG-related meetings occurring during April - June 2002

A calendar of meetings of interest to IUGG disciplines (especially those organized by IUGG Associations) is posted on the IUGG Web Site []. Specific information about these meetings can be found there. Individual Associations also list more meetings on their web sites appropriate to their disciplines.

  • April 14-19 IASPEI, Lake Starnberg, Germany, 10th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy
  • April 15-24 IAGA, Hermanus Magnetic Observatory, South Africa, 10th IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition and Processing
  • April 22-26 EGS, Nice, France, SEDI Symposium "Dynamics of the core - models and observations"; IAHS (ICT) Symposium "Hydrological and Meteorological Coupling in Mountain Areas"
  • April 26-28 IAG, Nice, France, IAG Executive Committee meeting
  • May 6-10 IOC/EC/FRNS, Liege, Belgium, 34th Int'l Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics: Tracer Methods in Geophys. Fluid Dynamics Colloquium
  • May 7-9 URSI, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, 10th International Ionospheric Effects Symposium
  • May 13-17 IAVCEI, IPGP, WOVO, St. Pierre, Martinique, West Indies, International Congress Montagne Pelee 1902-2002
  • May 21-24 IAG/FIG, Berlin, Germany, 2nd Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering
  • May 27-30 EUGIN/NNF, Copenhagen, Denmark, European Navigation Conference - GNSS 2002
  • May 28 - June 1 AGU, Washington, DC, USA, AGU spring meeting
  • June 3-14 IHDP/START, Bonn, Germany, 3rd bi-annual International Human Dimensions Workshop on Human Dimensions of Urbanisation and the Transition to Sustainability
  • June 9-15 IAVCEI, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, 3rd Biennial Workshop on Subduction Processes in the Kurile-Kamchactka-Aleutian Arcs
  • June 10-14 IAG, Matera, Italy, V. Hotine-Marussi Symposium on Mathematical Geodesy
  • June 12-14 IAG, Athens, Greece, General Assembly of the Working Group of European Geoscientists for the Establishment of Networks for Earth Science Research (Wegener 2002)
  • June 12-15 IASPEI, Hawaii, USA, IRIS annual meeting
  • June 15-16 IUGG/GeoRisk, Budapest, Hungary, Euroscience - IUGG Conference Reduction of Risk & Sustainable Development of Society
  • June 17-21 IUGG/CMG, Torino, Italy, Pattern and Form in Earth Dynamics; 24th International Conference on Mathematical Geophysics
  • June 17-20 IAHS/ICGW, Prague, Czech Republic, 4th International Conference on Calibration and Reliability in Groundwater Modelling
  • June 19-21 IASPEI, Sintra, Portugal, 3rd Int'l Conference on Computer Simulation in Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation
  • June 20-24 AGU, Santorini, Greece, Volcanism and the Earth's Atmosphere (Chapman Conference)

End of IUGG Electronic Journal Volume 2 Number 4 (April 1, 2002)
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