The IUGG Electronic Journal

Volume 1 No. 9 (October 1, 2001)

This short, informal newsletter is intended to keep IUGG Member National Committees informed about the activities of the IUGG Associations, and actions of the IUGG Secretariat. Past issues are posted on the IUGG Web site. Please forward this message to those who will benefit from the information. Your comments are welcome.


  1. Union Lecturers announced for the IUGG2003 General Assembly
  2. Updates needed for the 2002 IUGG Yearbook
  3. Message from the GeoRisk Commission
  4. IAG Bi-annual report
  5. Locations of Scientific Assemblies in 2005
  6. IUGG-related meetings occurring during October-December, 2001

1. Union Lecturers announced for the IUGG2003 General Assembly

IUGG President, Dr. Masaru Kono, has announced the selection of the Union Lecturers for the XXIII IUGG General Assembly on June 30 - July 11, 2003, in Sapporo, Japan. Those selected and their general topics are as follows.

Gary Glatzmaier, University of California, USA "Modelling of the Earth's dynamo"
Taro Matsuno, Frontier Research System for Global Change, Japan "Atmospheric phenomena and Earth system modeling"
Mario Molina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA "Atmospheric Chemistry"
Christoph Reigber, GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany "Earth's gravity field determined by new satellites"

The entire Scientific Programme for the General Assembly is in preparation. The Second Circular, including the Call for Papers, will be published in Spring, 2002.

2. Updates needed for the 2002 IUGG Yearbook

Work is in progress to update the information in the IUGG Yearbook. All IUGG National Committees should have received a request to provide new and revised information to the Secretariat. Your help is greatly appreciated to accomplish these updates as quickly as possible.

3. Message from GeoRisk Commission

In response to the terrorist attack on New York City on September 11, Dr. Tom Beer, Chair of the Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability, wrote,

" …a major focus of the work of the commission is to be on cities and their vulnerability. The events of the past two days have demonstrated that vulnerability and brought home that though GeoRisk to us geophysical scientists is an abbreviation understood to mean Geophysical Risk, the effects of Geopolitical Risk are the same. The devastation and misery that followed this attack is akin to the devastation and misery that follows a large-scale natural disaster. We remain confident that the scientific study of risk and vulnerability provides a means to prepare for an uncertain future. Dialogue between planners and scientists will better prepare both groups to deal with disasters. The international dialogue that IUGG fosters plays an important role in easing geopolitical tensions that have now been regrettably heightened."

4. IAG Bi-annual Report

The International Association of Geodesy (IAG) has prepared a bi-annual report, edited by Assistant Secretary General Ole B. Andersen. It is available from IAG on a CD-ROM or via the internet at

5. Locations of Scientific Assemblies in 2005

Some of the IUGG Associations have announced the venues for their 2005 Scientific Assemblies. Those who have announced a selection are IAGA - Toulouse, France, and IASPEI - Santiago, Chile.

The invitation is still open for bids for the location of the XXIV IUGG General Assembly in 2007. Information about inquires to host the General Assembly can be found on the IUGG web site or from the IUGG Secretariat.

6. IUGG-related meetings occurring during October-December, 2001

A calendar of meetings of interest to IUGG disciplines (especially those organized by IUGG Associations) is posted on the IUGG Web Site []. Specific information about these meetings can be found there. Individual Associations also list more meetings on their web sites appropriate to their disciplines.

  • October 1-4 IAG/ISPRS/FIG, Vienna, Austria, Optical 3D Measurement Techniques
  • October 1-5 COLAGE/IAGA, Puerto de Tomé, Concepcion, Chile, VI Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics (COLAGE)
  • October 2-5 IAHS, Montpellier, France, 5th International Workshop on Application of Remote Sensing in Hydrology
  • October 8-13 URSI, La Londe – Les Maures, France, School on Analysis Techniques for Space Plasma Data
  • October 10-12 IAMAS, Monterey, California, USA, International Workshop on Layered Phenomena in the Mesopause Region
  • October 18-20 IAHS, London, Ontario, Canada, International Workshop on Non-Standard Measures for Water Management Problems
  • October 21-28 IAPSO/IABO, Mar Del Plata, Argentina, IAPSO/IABO Joint Assembly: 2001: An Ocean Odyssey
  • November 14-16 ISCOPS, Pasadena, California, USA, 9th Int’l Space Conference of Pacific-basin Societies (ISCOPS)
  • November 19-22 IAHS/IAHR/ACSE/EWRI, Heian-Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan, 5th International Symposium on Hydrological Applications of Weather Radar -Radar Hydrology
  • December 10-14 AGU, San Francisco, California, USA, AGU Fall Meeting

End of IUGG Electronic Journal Volume 1 Number 9 (October 1, 2001)
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