The IUGG Electronic Journal

Volume 1 No. 7 (July 26, 2001)

This short, informal newsletter is intended to keep IUGG Member National Committees informed about the activities of the IUGG Associations, and actions of the IUGG Secretariat. Past issues are posted on the IUGG Web site. Please forward this message to those who will benefit from the information. Your comments are welcome.


  1. Dr. Tom Beer appointed to IUGG Bureau
  2. Dr. Jeremy Bloxham receives the 2001 Chapman Medal from the RAS
  3. IUGG-related meetings occurring during August-October, 2001

1.  Dr. Tom Beer appointed to IUGG Bureau

In March of this year, Dr. Vere Shannon (South Africa) expressed his wish to step down from the IUGG Bureau. In accordance with IUGG Bylaw 12, the IUGG Executive Committee conducted a search and on June 30, Dr. Masaru Kono announced the unanimous election of Dr. Tom Beer (Australia) to fill the vacancy until the end of the regular term in 2003. Dr. Beer is the Co-ordinator of the CSIRO Environmental Risk Network and is the Chair of the new IUGG Inter-Association Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability. He has a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Western Ontario and a Diploma in Asian Studies from the University of Southern Queensland. Dr. Beer served on the faculty of the University of Ghana for 5 years, and from 1996-2000, he served as Chair of the South Pacific Node of the United Nations University State of the Future Project. While the Bureau regrets the departure of Dr. Shannon, who contributed significantly to the IUGG Strategic Planning project that is now in progress, we look forward to continuing to administer IUGG business with the helpful advice of Dr. Beer.

2.  Dr. Jeremy Bloxham receives the 2001 Chapman Medal from the RAS

The U.K. Royal Astronomical Society has awarded Dr. Jeremy Bloxham with their 2001 Chapman Medal for "his major contributions in both observational and theoretical geomagnetism." Prof. Bloxham, Chair of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, is the Chair of IAGA Division I (Internal Magnetic Fields) Working Group 1: Theory of Planetary Mean Fields and Geomagnetic Secular Variation.

3.  IUGG-related meetings occurring during August-October, 2001

A calendar of meetings of interest to IUGG disciplines (especially those organized by IUGG Associations) has been added to the IUGG Web Site []. More information about these meetings can be found there. Individual Associations also list more meetings appropriate to their disciplines.

  • August 1-2 IUGG Executive Committee meeting, Sapporo, Japan
  • August 1-4 URSI, Tokyo, Japan, 2001 Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference
  • August 7-10 IUGG/Tsunami Commission, Seattle, Washington, USA, International Tsunami Symposium
  • August 18-30 IAGA/IASPEI, Hanoi, Vietnam, IAGA-IASPEI 2001 Joint Scientific Assembly
  • August 20-24 IGBP/WCRP/IHDP, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Climate Conference 2001
  • August 27-31 IAG, Helsinki, Finland, IAG International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements
  • September 3-7 IAG, Budapest, Hungary, IAG 2001 Scientific Assembly : Vistas for Geodesy in the New Millennium
  • September 10-14 WCRP/GEWEX, Paris, France, 4th Int'l Scientific Conference on the Global Energy and Water Cycle
  • September 17-20 COSPAR, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, U.S.A., Multi-Wavelength Observations of Coronal Structure and Dynamics
  • September 22-26 EGS, Blatonfüred, Hungary, Stefan Müller Conference: Quantitative Neotectonics and Seismic Hazard Assessment
  • September 24-28 ICSU/SCOPE, Bremen, Germany, 11th General Assembly of the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)
  • October 1-4 IAG/ISPRS/FIG, Vienna, Austria, Optical 3D Measurement Techniques
  • October 1-5 COLAGE/IAGA, Puerto de Tomé, Concepcion, Chile, VI Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics (COLAGE)
  • October 2-5 IAHS, Montpellier, France, 5th International Workshop on Application of Remote Sensing in Hydrology
  • October 8-13 URSI, La Londe - Les Maures, France, School on Analysis Techniques for Space Plasma Data
  • October 10-12 IAMAS, Monterey, California, USA, International Workshop on Layered Phenomena in the Mesopause Region
  • October 18-20 IAHS, London, Ontario, Canada, International Workshop on Non-Standard Measures for Water Management Problems
  • October 21-28 IAPSO/IABO, Mar Del Plata, Argentina, IAPSO/IABO Joint Assembly: 2001: An Ocean Odyssey

End of IUGG Electronic Journal Volume 1 Number 7 (July 26, 2001)
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