The IUGG Electronic Journal

Volume 1 No. 3 (April 3, 2001)

This short, informal newsletter is intended to keep IUGG Member National Committees informed about the activities of the IUGG Associations, and actions of the IUGG Secretariat. Past issues are posted on the IUGG Web site. Please forward this message to those who will benefit from the information. Your comments are welcome.


  1. IUGG Web site is Improved
  2. IUGG Annual Report  for 2000
  3. Vice-President of IAMAS receives Honor
  4. United Nations declares 2003 as International Year of Fresh Water
  5. IUGG meetings occurring during April-June,  2001

1.   IUGG Web site is improved

Pierre Hubert, the Secretary-General  of IAHS [International Association of Hydrological Sciences]  has provided the necessary corrections and translations to improve the French half of the IUGG Web site.  We are grateful for his efforts.

2.   IUGG Annual Report  for 2000

An annual report,  including information from each of the Associations, has been written and submitted to the International Council for Science in Paris.  This Annual Report has been posted on the IUGG Web site for your convenience.  Paper copies are available from the Secretary General.

3.  Vice-President of IAMAS receives Honor

Richard Carbone,  a Vice-President of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, was recently awarded the Cleveland Abbe Award by the American Meteorological Society.  The award honors distinguished service to atmospheric sciences by an individual.  Dr Carbone, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA, was cited for "building consensus in the weather research community on problems of major national and international importance, and for fostering the conduct of collaborative and coordinated weather research."

4.   United Nations declares 2003 as International Year of Fresh Water

John Rodda, President of IAHS, reported that the 55th Session of the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the year 2003 as the International Year of Freshwater.  The Subcommittee on Water Resources of the Administrative Committee on Coordination will develop proposals for activities to be considered by the56th General Assembly. IUGG is encouraged to take actions that will increase awareness of the importance of freshwater.

5.   IUGG meetings occurring during April-June  2001

A calendar of meetings of interest  to IUGG disciplines (especially those organized by IUGG Associations )has been added to the IUGG Web Site []. For more complete information about these meetings, please consult the web site.

  • May 20-24 SEDI [Studies of Earth's Deep Interior], Virginia, USA, Eleventh Annual V. M. Goldschmidt Conference
  • May 22-24 IAG, Wuhan University , China, Monitoring of Constructions and Local Geodynamic Processes
  • June 1-6  IASPEI, Orviedo, Umbria, Italy  Workshop on Seismic Tomography and Accurate Hypocenter Location
  • June 10-15     SEDI, South Hadley, Massachusetts  U.S.A. 2001 Gordon Research Conference on the Earth's Interior
  • June 13-16     IAGA/SCOSTEP, Longmont, Colorado, U.S.A., International Solar Cycle Studies 2001 - Solar Variability, Climate and Space Weather Symposium
  • June 13-17     IASPEI, Aussois, France, 7th Workshop on Numerical Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Processes
  • June 17-23     SCOSTEP, Longmont, Colorado, U.S.A., CEDAR Workshop and SCOSTEP STP - 10 Symposium
  • June 18-21     IAHS, Sheffield, United Kingdom, Groundwater Quality 2001
  • June 25-29     UN/ESA, Reduit,  Mauritius, Tenth UN/ESA Workshop on Basic Space Science

End of IUGG Electronic Journal Volume 1 Number 3 (March 5, 2001)
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