Electronic Geophysical Year (eGY)

The mission and goals of the Electronic Geophysical Year (eGY) are being carried forward through several national and international organizations. These include the following:

  • eGY-Africa
  • CODATA Task Group: International Polar Year Data Policy and Management Subcommittee
  • AGU - Earth and Space Science Informatics
  • GSA - Division of Geoinformatics
  • EGU - Earth and Space Science Informatics
  • IUGG - Union Commission for Data and Information
  • IUGS - Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information
  • eGY representation on ICSU's Strategic Coordinating Committee for Information and Data
  • ICSU World data center working group
  • CODATA Task Group: “eGY Earth & Space Science Data Interoperability”
  • COSPAR's Panel for Informatics
  • Two new ICSU committees formed as a result of the report of the ICSU Strategic Committee on Information and Data. As outlined in the committee report, the committees are “A scientific committee for the World Data System” (WDS-SC) and “A Strategic Coordinating Committee on Data and Information” (SCCID)

The Electronic Geophysical Year formally ended on December 31st, 2008, exactly 50 years after the IGY ended formally in 1958.