Events Calendar

The following list of meetings is collected as a general service to IUGG constituents.  More complete listings of meetings on the specific scientific disciplines of the IUGG Associations can be found on their Web sites. Links to those Web sites are on the IUGG main page.

2022May 22-27JPGU Chiba, Japan Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2022Web:
2022May 23-25IAG Moscow, Russia Spatial Data 2022 – Science-Research-TechnologyWeb:
2022May 23-27EGU Vienna, Austria EGU General Assembly 2022Web:
2022May 29 - June 3IAHS Montpellier, France IAHS Scientific AssemblyWeb:
2022June 1-3IAG Zagreb, Croatia EUREF 2022 SymposiumWeb:
2022June 5-10AOGS Online AOGS 19th Annual MeetingWeb:
2022June 6-11ISPRS Nice, France International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Congress 2022Web:
2022June 7-17IACS McCarthy AK, USA International Summer School in GlaciologyWeb:
2022June 12-17IAVCEI Heraklion, Greece Cities on Volcanoes (COV11)Web:
2022June 13-15IAG, IUGG Potsdam, Germany 1st Workshop on Data Science for GNSS Remote SensingWeb:
2022June 13-17IAG Milan, Italy 10th Hotine-Marussi SymposiumWeb:
2022June 19-24IACS Juneau AK, USA International Symposium on Maritime Glaciers (IGS2022)Web:
2022June 19-24AGU San Juan PR, USA 2022 Frontiers in HydrologyWeb:
2022June 20-22IUGG, IASPEI, ILP, GFZ Potsdam, Germany Cermak7 – VII International Meeting on Terrestrial Heat Flow and the Thermal Structure of the LithosphereWeb:
2022June 20-23CODATA, WDS Seoul, Rep. of Korea International Data Week 2022. Data to Improve our WorldWeb:
2022June 20-24CMG Seoul, Rep. of Korea 33rd IUGG Conference on Mathematical Geophysics (CMG2022)Web:
2022June 21-24 Saint Petersburg, Russia 6th IAG Symposium on Terrestrial Gravimetry: Static and Mobile Measurements (TG-SMM 2022)Web:
2022July 4-8IAMAS, IUGG Thessaloniki, Greece International Radiation Symposium (IRS2022)Web:
2022July 4-8IUGS, UNESCO Dublin, Ireland ReSToRE 2 - Researching Social Theories, Resources, and Environment International Summer SchoolWeb:
2022July 11-15IAGA, ICMA, IUGG, SCOSTEP Sopron, Hungary 8th Workshop on Vertical Coupling in the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System (VCAIS)Web:
2022July 11-15SEDI Zurich, Switzerland 17th Symposium of the Study of the Earth's Deep InteriorWeb:
2022July 16-24COSPAR, IUGG Athens, Greece COSPAR 2022. 44th Scientific AssemblyWeb:
2022July 18-22IGU Paris, France International Geographic Union Centennial CongressWeb:
2022July 20-23UCPS Changchun, China 2nd IUGG Symposium on Planetary Science (IUGG-PS 2022): New Observations and Advances in Solar SystemNot available yet
2022July 27 - August 1IAG Boulder CO, USA IGS 2022: Science from Earth to SpaceWeb:
2022July 31 - August 5 Glasgow, UK 22nd World Congress of Soil ScienceWeb:
2022August 1-10SCAR Online Open Science Conference 2022 - Antarctica in a Changing WorldWeb:
2022August 2-11IAU Busan, Rep. of Korea 31st International Astronomical Union General AssemblyWeb:
2022August 21-26IACS, IAHS, UNESCO-IHP, WMO Reykjavík, Iceland Cryosphere 2022 – International Symposium on Ice, Snow and Water in a Warming WorldWeb:
2022August 22-26EMSEV, IUGG, IAGA, IASPEI, IAVCEI Taipei, Rep. of China Electromagnetic Studies of Earthquakes and Volcanoes 2022 (EMSEV2022)Not available yet
2022August 28 - September 3IAGA Trakošćan, Croatia 17th Castle Meeting - New Trends on Paleo, Rock and Environmental MagnetismWeb:
2022August 29 - September 3IAMG Nancy, France 21st Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG2022)Web:
2022September 4-9IASPEI, IUGG Bucharest, Romania 3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology. A joint event of the 17th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and the 38th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (ESC)Web:
2022September 5-9IAG, IAGA, GFZ Potsdam, Germany 2nd International Symposium of Commission 4: Positioning and ApplicationsWeb:
2022September 11-15IACS, IUGG, IGU Innsbruck, Austria International Mountain Conference 2022Web:
2022September 11-17IAGA Cesme, Turkey 25th International Electromagnetic Induction Workshops of IAGA Division VI (EMIW2022)Web:
2022September 12-16IAG Austin TX, USA Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2022 (GGHS2022)Web:
2022September 12-18IAGA Kazan, Russia 19th IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition and ProcessingNot available yet
2022September 19-25IUGG Berlin and other cities, Germany 100th Anniversary of German Geophysical Society (DGG)Web:
2022September 25-30IUGG, IAMAS, SCOR, WCRP Cape Town, South Africa SOLAS Open Science Conference 2022Web:
2022September 26-30IUGG, IAGA L'Aquila, Italy International School of Space Science – Course on Radiation belt dynamics and remote sensing of the Earth’s plasmasphereWeb:
2022October 3-5IASPEI, IUGG Quito, Ecuador 4th Regional Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Seismological Commission (LACSC-2022)Web:
2022October 3-7SCOR Busan, Rep. of Korea 2022 SCOR Annual MeetingNot available yet
2022October 17-21IAG Thessaloniki, Greece REFAG 2022 – IAG International Symposium on Reference Frames for Applications in GeosciencesWeb:
2022October 17-21IAHS Bydgoszcz, Poland IAHS/ICCE International Symposium 'River sediment quality and quantity: environmental, geochemical and ecological perspectives' (ICCE2022)Web:
2022October 20-21IASPEI, IUGG Egypt 14th General Assembly of the Asian Seismological CommissionNot available yet
2022October 22-25IAG Thessaloniki, Greece Unified Analysis Workshop (UAW) 2022Web:
2022October 25-29IAG, IASPEI Marrakech, Morocco 20th Assembly of WegenerWeb:
2022October 31 - November 4IAG Kunming, China 22nd International Workshop on Laser RangingWeb:
2022December 12-16AGU Chicago IL, USA AGU Fall Meeting 2022Not available yet
2023January 30 - February 3IAVCEI Rotorua, New Zealand IAVCEI Scientific AssemblyWeb: