The Union Commission for Data and Information (UCDI)

The Union Commission for Data and Information (UCDI) was established by the IUGG Executive Committee in August 2008 to provide a focused and sustainable organizational structure that supports and strengthens IUGG science through integrated scientific information activities.

Activity Areas:

  • Data science: Earth and space (geo)- informatics.
  • Distributed data systems: virtual observatories, libraries, research communities and organizations.
  • Open access to data and information.
  • All issues related with data acquisition, processing, storing, manipulation, interpretation and use.

Within the above activity areas, the Commission:

  • Provides a focus and single voice within IUGG, spanning all IUGG Associations and inter-Association bodies.
  • Connects IUGG and its scientists to other bodies/agencies/initiatives that have interest and responsibility on matters of geo-data.
  • Advocates and facilitate research and development in the growing field of informatics to improve data and information systems and practices.
  • Promotes open access to data and adoption of inter- operable data sets.

Contact Information:

The current officers of the Union Commission:

Chair: Sateesh Shenoi (India)
Vice-Chair: Anatoly Soloviev (Russia)
For more information, please visit: