Our Union Commissions

Owing to the interactive nature of the subject fields managed by the International Associations, six Union Commissions and the Working Group on History (WGH) have been established which serve the Union and the international geophysical community by promoting the study of particular interdisciplinary problems.

These bodies are chartered by the IUGG Executive Committee to conduct inter-association science. Union Commissions are reviewed and renewed at each IUGG General Assembly. At present the following Commissions are active:

  • CCEG: Climatic and Environmental Changes / Commission sur les changements climatiques et environnementaux

  • CMG: Mathematical Geophysics / Géophysique mathématique
  • GRC: Geophysical Risk and Sustainability / Commission sur les risques géophysiques et développement durable

  • SEDI: Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior / Étude des profondeurs terrestres

  • UCDI: Data and Information Commission / pour les Données et l’Information

  • UCPS: Planetary Sciences / Planétologie

The purpose and structure of the Union Commissions are described in the Terms of Reference.

In addition, two or more International Associations may set up and support joint working groups to address specific scientific topics.