Union Statutes

III. Finance

  1. During the meeting of a General Assembly the Council shall elect a Finance Committee for the next period, consisting of four members drawn from the previous Finance Committee and accredited Council Delegates as specified by By-Law 10.

    The Finance Committee shall meet with the Council at sessions of the latter, with voice but without vote.
    1. There shall be fourteen categories of membership in the Union, numbered 1 to 14, plus special categories called A and AF.
    2. For categories 1 to 14, each Member Country shall pay annually the number of units of contribution assigned to the category in which it adheres. In each country the Adhering Body shall be responsible for the payment of the contribution. Any member country may additionally donate contributions for travel support of scientists from countries of Category A.
    3. Category A is composed of the Associates. They do not pay an annual contribution to the Union.
    4. Category AF is composed of the Affiliates. They do not pay an annual contribution to the Union.

    1. A country which seeks to adhere to the Union must specify the category in which it proposes to adhere. Its application for admission may be refused if the category proposed is considered inadequate.
    2. An Associate may enter a paying category, or a paying Member Country may raise its category at any time provided the Council agrees. A paying Member Country may lower its category or become an Associate only with the consent of the Council of the Union.

    1. The financial year shall be the calendar year.
    2. If at the end of any year a paying Member Country has not paid its subscription for that year, the benefits of membership in the Union will be denied to that Member Country until full payment has been made of that year's subscription and of any further subscriptions in arrears. Such Member Countries shall be deemed to be in Observer status.
    3. A Member Country in Observer status shall continue to accrue annual subscription obligations.
    4. If at the start of any year a paying Member Country has been in Observer status for four years, that Member Country shall be deemed to have withdrawn from membership unless the Secretary General has received a formal written request from the Member Country to be transferred to Associate membership (Category A).
    5. The Bureau of the Union is authorized to grant requests for transfer temporarily to category A, until the next meeting of the Council, to Member Countries in Observer status that provide evidence that efforts to pay all subscriptions in arrears are likely to be unsuccessful.
    6. A Member Country which has been denied a transfer to Category A by the Bureau may appeal at the next meeting of the Council.
    7. Any Member Country in Observer status that is denied a transfer to Category A by Council shall cease to be a Member Country at the end of the Council meeting at which its request is considered.
    8. Every Associate Membership shall be reviewed by the Bureau and the Finance Committee and the results communicated to Council at each General Assembly. Countries in Associate Membership will be asked to consider entering a paying category if it is deemed appropriate. If, following such a request, a Country does not enter a paying category, Council shall decide at its next meeting whether the Country can continue its membership in the Union.

  2. In the event of the dissolution of any Association, its assets shall be ceded to the Union.
    In the event of the dissolution of the Union, its assets shall be ceded to ICSU.

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