Union By-Laws

III. Finance

    1. The Adhering Bodies to the Union shall pay annually the number of units of contributions assigned to the category in which they adhere, according to the following table

      Category 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
      Units of contribution 1 2 3 5 7 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50

    2. Associates, in Category A, do not pay.

    3. Affiliate members, in Category AF, do not pay.

  1. The Finance Committee shall elect a Chair from among its members.
    The Finance Committee shall meet, at the call of its Chair, and at least once during its term of office.
    The Treasurer may be invited by the Chairman to attend a meeting of the Finance Committee.
    No Member may be represented by any other person at a meeting of the Committee.

    The Finance Committee shall:

    1. advise the Council on all financial matters of the Union;

    2. receive and review the audits of the accounts;

    3. report to the Council;

    4. advise the Treasurer on preparation of the budget;

    5. advise the Treasurer, the Bureau, and the Executive Committee on financial matters, including raising funds to support Union and Association activities, and reviewing the category of membership of National Members.

    The Chair of the Finance Committee will normally be invited to meetings of the Bureau or Executive Committee when financial matters are on the agenda.

  2. The Treasurer of the Union shall be responsible for the financial administration of the Union informed by the document ‘Guidelines on IUGG Administration’ and directions issued by the Bureau.
  3. The Treasurer shall:

    1. in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Finance Committee, prepare a preliminary budget to be sent to the Adhering Bodies at least three months prior to the Assembly together with comments of the Finance Committee, then update it at the General Assembly and submit the budget to the Council for approval;

    2. arrange for an annual audit of the books;

    3. collect the funds of the Union and disburse them in accordance with the approved budget and instructions of the Council and of the Bureau;

    4. maintain records of all financial transactions of the Union and submit annual financial reports thereon to the Bureau and the Finance Committee;

    5. submit such other reports to the Finance Committee and to the Council as may be requested;

    6. assemble, at the end of the calendar year preceding a General Assembly, a report on the complete accounts of the Union (including those of the Associations and of all Union activities) for the previous period, for presentation to the Bureau and to the Finance Committee at least three months prior to the General Assembly, and at the General Assembly to the Council. The report shall be accompanied by statements concerning each account administered by the Union, its Associations, and other financially assisted bodies. Each account shall be audited by a qualified accountant;

    7. prepare a summary report of the Finances of the Union (including those of the Associations and of all Union activities) and arrange for the distribution of copies thereof to the Member Countries not later than three months prior to the General Assembly.

    The President, the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer have the authority to draw from any bank accounts of the Union, but only as directed by the Bureau.

  4. Travelling expenses and per diem subsistence may be paid by the Treasurer in accordance with rates established by the Bureau.

    The following conditions must be satisfied:

    1. meeting must be for specific Union business;

    2. those concerned must represent the Union and not Adhering Bodies;

    3. those concerned must be unable to obtain adequate allowances from sources in their own country.

For more information, direct questions to secretariat@iugg.org.