Union Statutes

II. Administration

  1. Responsibility for the direction of the Union's affairs shall be vested in the Council of the Union. Decisions of the Council shall be reported to the General Assembly.

  2. Between meetings of the Council, the direction of the affairs of the Union shall be vested in the Bureau and the Executive Committee, of which the respective responsibilities are hereafter defined.

  3. The Bureau of the Union shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer and three additional Members, all of whom shall be elected by the Council.

    The duties of the Bureau shall be to administer the affairs of the Union in accordance with these Statutes and By-Laws and the decisions of the Council.

  4. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Bureau, the Presidents of the International Associations, and the immediate Past President of the Union. The Secretaries of the Associations shall be invited to attend meetings of the Executive Committee of the Union in an advisory capacity.

    The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to further the scientific objectives of the Associations through effective co-ordination and through the formulation of general policies to guide the scientific work of the Union.

    The Executive Committee shall meet with the Council at sessions of the latter with voice but without vote.

  5. Within the framework of the Statutes of the Union, the International Associations of the Union may make their own Statutes and By-Laws and control their administration and finance.

For more information, direct questions to secretariat@iugg.org.