Candidates for the IUGG Bureau and Finance Committee (2015-2019)

The IUGG Nominating Committee selected the candidates named in the list for consideration for the election of the IUGG officers at the 26th IUGG General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic.

Michael Sideris (Canada, IAG)[CV and Resume]
Kathy Whaler (UK, IAGA)[CV and Resume]
Secretary General
Alik Ismail-Zadeh (Germany/Russia, IASPEI)[CV and Resume]
Aksel W. Hansen (Denmark, IAMAS)[CV and Resume]
Bureau Members
Positions #1, #2, and #3
  Isabelle Ansorge (South Africa, IAPSO) [CV and Resume]
  Pierre Hubert (France, IAHS) [CV and Resume]
  Jiaping Li (China, IAMAS) [CV and Resume]
  Chris Rizos (Australia, IAG) [CV and Resume]
  Kenji Satake (Japan, IASPEI/ IAPSO) [CV and Resume]
  Constantin Sava (Romania, IASPEI) [CV and Resume]
Finance Committee
Position #1:
  Corina Risso (Argentina, IAVCEI) [CV and Resume]
Position #2:
  Virendra Tiwari (India, IAG) [CV and Resume]
Position #3 and #4:
  David Collins (UK, IACS/IAHS) [CV and Resume]
  Zoltan Hajnal (Canada, IASPEI) [CV and Resume]
  Jan Krynski (Poland, IAG) [CV and Resume]