Events Calendar

The following list of meetings is collected as a general service to IUGG constituents.  More complete listings of meetings on the specific scientific disciplines of the IUGG Associations can be found on their Web sites. Links to those Web sites are on the IUGG main page.

2018August 20-31IAU, IAG Vienna, Austria 30th General Assembly of the International Astronomical UnionWeb:
2018August 26-31GFZ  Potsdam and Schmarsow, Germany  German-Russian Summer School. New Monitoring Technologies for environmental research and their application Web:
2018August 26-31IAHS  Birmingham, UK  Catchment Science Summer School 2018 Web:
2018August 27-31IAHS  Moscow, Russia  The Second International Young Scientists Forum on Soil and Water Conservation and ICCE symposium 2018 "Climate Change Impacts on Sediment Dynamics: Measurement, Modelling and Management”Web:
2018September 1-8IAVCEI, IUGG  San Pedro de Atacama, Chile  State of the Arc (SOTA 7) Web:
2018September 2-4IAHS, WMO Lyon, France 4th IAHR-WMO-IAHS Training Course on Stream GaugingWeb:
2018September 2-7IAVCEI Naples, Italy Cities on Volcanoes 10Web:
2018September 2-7IASPEI Valetta, Malta 36th General Assembly of the European Seismological CommissionWeb:
2018September 10-13IAG  Grenoble, France  19th General Assembly of WEGENER. On Earth deformation & the study of earthquakes using geodesy and geodynamicsWeb:
2018September 10-19GFZ  Potsdam, Germany  Potsdam Summer School 2018 – The Skin of the Earth. The Earth Surface SystemWeb:
2018September 17-21EMSEV  Potenza, Italy  International 2018 EMSEV Workshop Web:
2018September 17-21IAG  Copenhagen, Denmark  Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems (GGHS 2) SymposiumWeb:
2018September 17-22IAGA  L'Aquila, Italy  Course of the International School of Space Science (ISSS) on "The Polar upper Atmosphere: From science to operational issues" Web:
2018September 21-27IAVCEI  Toba Caldera, Sumatra, Indonesia  7th Workshop on Collapse CalderasWeb:
2018September 24-26IAHS Adelaide, Australia STAHY 2018Web:
2018September 24-29IAG Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal International DORIS Service (IDS) WorkshopWeb:
2018September 25-27AGU Washington, DC, USA Chapman Conference on Hydrologic Research in the Congo BasinWeb:
2018September 25-29IAMAS, IUGG  Takamatsu, Japan 2018 joint iCACGP 14th Quadrennial Symposium and IGAC 15th Science Conference (iCACGP)Web:
2018October 2-4IAG  Tsukuba, Japan  GGOS Days 2018 Web:
2018October 4-5IAHS  Potsdam, Germany  International Conference on "Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World"Web:
2018October 9-12IAG, PAIGH  Aguascalientes, Mexico  SIRGAS 2018 Web:
2018October 15-17IAG, PAIGH  Aguascalientes, Mexico  SIRGAS Workshop 2018 on Vertical Reference System Web:
2018October 16-18IAHS  Xi’an, China  International Symposium of Eco-Hydrology and Water Security: Opportunities & Challenges from Developing Countries Web:
2018October 22-26CODATA, WDS  Gaborone, Botswana  International Data Week 2018 Web:
2018October 24-26GEO  Kyoto, Japan  11th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium Web:
2018October 29 - November 2IAG Wuhan, China IGS 2018 WorkshopWeb:
2018October 29 - November 2GEO  Kyoto, Japan  GEO Week 2018Web:
2018November 4-6IAG  Shanghai, China  International Workshop on GNSS Ionosphere (IWGI2018) Web:
2018November 5-9IAG Canberra, Australia 21st International Workshop on Laser RangingWeb:
2018November 6-8IAHS, UNESCO  Beijing, China  8th Global FRIEND Water Conference Web:
2018November 9-10CODATA  Gaborone, Botswana  31st CODATA General Assembly Web:
2018November 12-18IAMAS  Puerto Rico  Aerosol Training School as part of the Caribbean Aerosol-Health Network (CAHN)Web: TBA
2018December 10-14AGU Washington, DC, USA AGU 2018 Fall MeetingWeb:
2019July 8-18IUGG  Montreal, Canada  27th IUGG General Assembly Web:
2020November 2-6ICL, ISC, UNESCO, UNISDR, WMO  Kyoto, Japan  5th World Landslide Forum Web: