Events Calendar

The following list of meetings is collected as a general service to IUGG constituents.  More complete listings of meetings on the specific scientific disciplines of the IUGG Associations can be found on their Web sites. Links to those Web sites are on the IUGG main page.

2020October 19-23SCOR Online 2020 SCOR Annual MeetingWeb:
2020October 22-24CODATA Paris, France International FAIR Convergence Symposium and CODATA General AssemblyWeb:
2020October 26-30CCTF Online 22nd meeting of the Consultative Committee for Time and FrequencyWeb:
2020October 26-30IAHS Bydgoszcz, Poland IAHS/ICCE International Symposium River sediment quality and quantity: environmental, geochemical and ecological perspectivesWeb:
2020October 26 - November 6ICTP Addis Ababa Integrating climate data, predictions and projections into health planningWeb:
2020NovemberIAMAS, IUGG Venice, Italy Understanding the climatic response to strong volcanic eruptions - First VolMIP meetingNot available yet
2020November 2-6IAG Kunming, China 22nd International Workshop on Laser RangingWeb:
2020November 9-13ICTP, IUGG Trieste, Italy Impact and Risk Relevant Climate Information from Global Scale Projections to Local Scale Climate HazardsWeb:
2020November 17-19ICTP, IUGG Buenos Aires, Argentina Conference on Regional Climate Modeling and Extreme Events over South America: results from the CORDEX-Flagship Pilot StudyWeb:
2020November 21-25IAGA, URSI Kyoto, Japan 9th VERSIM Workshop VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of Ionospheres & MagnetospheresWeb:
2020November 24-28IAHS Cotonou, Benin Hydrology of the Major African BasinsWeb:
2020December 7-11AGU San Francisco CA, USA, and Online AGU Fall Meeting 2020 Web:
2020December 13-19IASPEI, IUGG Kasane, Botswana 3rd General Assembly of the African Seismological CommissionWeb:
2021June 28 - July 2IAHS Montpellier, France IAHS Scientific AssemblyNot available yet
2021June 28 - July 5IAG Beijing, China IAG Scientific AssemblyNot available yet
2021July 18-23IACS, IAMAS, IAPSO, IAVCEI Busan, Rep. of Korea IACS-IAMAS-IAPSO Joint Scientific AssemblyWeb:
2021August 22-27IAGA, IASPEI Hyderabad, India IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly Web:
2022January 20-24IAVCEI Rotorua, New Zealand IAVCEI Scientific AssemblyWeb: