Inter-Association Commissions and Working Groups

Inter-Association Bodies


Commission on Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials IASPEI, IAVCEI
Committee on Volcano Seismology IASPEI, IAVCEI
International Heat Flow Commission (IHFC) IASPEI, IAVCEI, IAPSO
International Ocean Network (ION) IAGA, IAPSO, IASPEI
Long-term Trends in the Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere IAGA, ICMA, SCOSTEP
Tsunami Commission IAPSO, IASPEI, IAVCEI
Working Group 127 on Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater IAPSO, SCOR
Working Group 129 on Deep Ocean Exchanges with the Shelf IAPSO, SCOR
Working Group 133 on OceanScope IAPSO, SCOR
Working Group 136 on the Climatic Importance of the Greater Agulhas Current System IAPSO, SCOR, WCRP
Working Group on Effects and Surface Geology IASPEI, IAEE
Working Group on Electromagnetic Studies of Earthquakes and Volcanoes (EMSEV) IAGA, IASPEI, IAVCEI
Working Group on the Re-Use of Submarine Telephone Cables IASPEI, IAGA
Working Group on Subduction Zones Located in Developing Countries IASPEI, IAVCEI
VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere (VERSIM) IAGA, URSI

Inter-Union Bodies


International Lithosphere Program (ILP) IUGG, IUGS
Working Group on Non-Rigid Earth Nutations IAU, IUGG