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Next IUGG General Assembly Montreal, Canada
(July 8-19, 2019)

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Authors' information


All the information you need for your presentation on one place.


Your presentations   |   Author guidelines   |   Onsite presentation system


Your presentations

List of your presentations has been sent to you via email.

It's also accessible online - click here.


You need to login into your abstracts account using your user name and password and click the 'Scientific programme involvement' button at the bottom of the page.

Please contact the IUGG 2015 Prague Secretariat with any questions.


Author guidelines

Oral presentations

Please follow this link to read the oral presentation author guidelines.

The guidelines include all the necessary information including supported filetypes etc.

Poster presentations

Please follow this link to read the poster presentation author guidelines.

Posters should be delivered in printing - portrait layout, max. 90 cm wide and 120 cm tall.


Onsite presentation system

All presentations must be brought to the Speakers' Preview Room (manned by our staff that will help you) or uploaded to the database via online uploader.

Presentations are distributed from Speakers' Preview Room to the right meeting room at the right time by the automated distribution system.

The computer in the meeting room is running the frontend part of the distribution system - the interface will allow you to find and run your presentation easily.

See the short videos to get familiar with our system.

Speakers' Preview Room


In the meeting rooms

video 2


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