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Oral presentation guidelines


Before preparing your oral presentation and before coming to the IUGG Assembly, please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines.


1. Scientific programme onsite information

Please note there will be a special Scientific Programme Information desk within the registration area dedicated to the scientific programme queries. Should you need any assistance related to the scientific programme, feel free to contact it. It will be open within the registration opening hours:

Monday, June 22 14:00 – 20:00
Tuesday, June 23 07:30 – 21:00
Wednesday, June 24 07:30 – 20:00
Thursday, June 25 07:30 – 20:00
Friday, June 26 07:30 – 20:00
Saturday, June 27 07:30 – 20:00
Sunday, June 28 07:30 – 20:00
Monday, June 29 07:30 – 20:00
Tuesday, June 30 07:30 – 20:00
Wednesday, July 1 07:30 – 18:00

2. Oral presentations

Oral presentations are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations. The speakers are entirely responsible for the presentation content (order, graphics etc…).

Once onsite, each speaker should also verify in the final programme that the room and the time of the session did not change.

For your presentation

English and French are the official languages of the IUGG Assembly. Time reserved for your presentation is 15/30 minutes including discussion for regular/solicited talks, respectively. Actual timing of each of your presentations can be found in your Personal Scientific Schedule available on the link provided via e-mail.

Format of your presentation

Please make sure your presentation is in a commonly compatible format. Please prepare your presentation preferably using PowerPoint version 2010 or 2013 (although versions 2007 / 2003 are also supported).

Supported file types:

(Keynote - is only accepted in the Slide preview room onsite and will be converted into ppt)

Audio: WMA, MP3, WAV

Do not forget, when saving your final presentation to CD or USB stick, to make sure to include your video files, if any, and all links to these multimedia files.

Uploading your presentation online prior the event or onsite

Your presentation must be handed over to the organizers via the ONLINE FILE UPLOADER or in the SPEAKERS´ PREVIEW ROOM as much in advance as possible, no later than TWO hours BEFORE the beginning of the corresponding session.

ALL SCREENS IN PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE ARE 16:9 - prepare your presentation accordingly. Presentations prepared in 4:3 format can be shown too, but will not be shown full screen.


The presentation for an early morning session should be handed over the evening before.

Speakers'Preview Room

Should you prefer to hand over your presentation onsite or to check you pre-uploaded files, the SPEAKERS’ PREVIEW ROOM will be available within the whole Assembly period. It will be located in the Meeting room 2.1 on the 2nd floor by the main staircase and will be available in the following hours:

Tuesday, June 23 7:30 – 19:00
Wednesday, June 24 7:30 – 19:00
Thursday, June 25 7:30 – 19:00
Friday, June 26 7:30 – 19:00
Saturday, June 27 7:30 – 19:00
Sunday, June 28 7:30 – 19:00
Monday, June 29 7:30 – 19:00
Tuesday, June 30 7:30 – 19:00
Wednesday, July 1 7:30 – 19:00

In the SPEAKERS´ PREVIEW ROOM, you will be assisted by a technician, who will help you to download your presentation to the intranet. You will also be able to review your presentation and to verify that it has been transferred correctly to the network.

Click here to see the instruction video about Speakers' Preview.

Upload your presentation(s) online

You can also send us your presentation(s) via online uploader. Click here, login with your email and password (same as used for your abstract submission and registration) and you will see list of your presentations including session, meeting room, date and time. Click manage button and upload all files you need for your presentation (PPTX, video files, pictures or documents). You can also upload your picture to be shown on info screens next to your presentation title.

Please note, the organizers only check whether the presentation could be run and complies with the supported formats. Organizers do not check the content.

If your presentation contains any extensive formatting, special fonts, timed transitions or looped videos, or if you simply are not sure about the compatibility, we still recommend to stop by in slide preview to make sure the presentation is running smooth on our system.

Please contact us with any questions in regards of uploading presentation by an email at

In the lecture room

Your presentation will be sent directly to the lecture room through the local network.

Once the presentation is launched on the computer in the respective lecture room, you will advance your own slideshow using the remote control.

All speakers are requested to be present in the lecture room 5 minutes before the session starts to meet with the session chair. Please, do NOT come at the last minute with your own computer into the lecture room: you will NOT BE ABLE to connect it. All presentations must be downloaded in the SPEAKERS´ PREVIEW ROOM beforehand. Use of own computers is not recommended.

If any problems occur, there will be assistance staff in each lecture room.

Click here to see the instruction video about meeting room presentation set-up.


Should you have any questions related to the Scientific Programme feel free to contact us at address the Scientific Programme Information on the ground floor in the registration area.


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