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Available field trips




Trips B4 & B5 - There are still a few places left, registration to these field trips will be still possible at the onsite registration until  Wednesday, 24 June only.

See the list of available Field trips below (click the name to see trip details):

Field trip Lenght Price per person
B1 Czech Hydrometeorological 1/2 day complimentary
B2 Flood History of Prague
1/2 day complimentary
B3 Klementinum
1/2 day 16,- EUR
B4 Astronomical Institute and the Geodetic Observatory Pecný in Ondřejov
1 day 45,- EUR
Paleontological Treasures in Lower-Paleozoic Marine Sediments in Barrandian
1 day 25,- EUR
Military Geographic and Hydrometeorologic Office (MGHO) & Historical Fortification in the Orlické hory Mts. 1 day 59,- EUR
Moravian Karst
2 days 190,- EUR
Šumava Mts. & Boubín Wildwood
2 days 225,- EUR
Permian, Miocene and Pliocene Mafic Monogenetic Volcanism in the Bohemian Paradise
2 days 169,- EUR
Oligocene Doupovské Hory Volcanic Complex: Shield Volcano with Several Failure Episodes
2 days 159,- EUR
Technical Monuments and Anthropogenic Hazards Related to Coal Mining and Steel Industry in Ostrava Region
2 days 189,- EUR
Thermal and Mineralised Springs and Mofettes in West Bohemia
2 days 209,- EUR
South-Bohemian Lacustrine and Marshy Landscape within the Anorogenic Troughs
2 days 269,- EUR
Carboniferous Rhyo-Dacitic Calderas in Czech/German Border Region
3 days 369,- EUR
Late Variscan Volcanism in Permo-Carboniferous Intracontinental Basins of the Sudetes (SW Poland) 3 days 349,- EUR
Plio-Pleistocene Phreatomagmatic Volcanism in a Fluvio-Lacustrine Basin in Western Hungary
5 days 522,- EUR
The Phonolitic Laacher See Volcano and the Quaternary East Eifel Volcanic Field
5 days 411,- EUR
Miocene Submarine to Subaerial Volcaniclastic Deposits and Exhumed Volcanic Landforms Along the Danube Bend in North Hungary
4 days 479,- EUR
Variscan Plutonism of the Bohemian Massif (Joint Trip IAVCEI and Eurogranites)
6 days 620,- EUR
The Land of Devastating Ignimbrite Deposits, Inviting Wine Cellars and Fabulous Fairy Chimneys, Hungary 5 days 705,- EUR
C9 Excursion to Glaciological Field Sites in the Ötztal Alps, Austria 6 days 750,- EUR
A7 Chaine des Puys and Limagne Rift (Acc. type A) 8 days 659,- EUR
Chaine des Puys and Limagne Rift (Acc. type B) 8 days 449,- EUR
Chaine des Puys and Limagne Rift (Acc. type C) 8 days 419,- EUR

All fees include 21% VAT.

  Unavailable trips


Guidelines and conditions

All scientific field trips and day trips are based on a minimum number of participants. If minimum number is not reached by April 10, 2015, alternative arrangements or complete refund will be made. Places on all trips are limited and will be allocated based on registration and payment receipt date/time.

The accommodation (multiple days trips) is included in the fee. The accommodation includes breakfast(s) and is planned in single rooms, but the exceptions in usage of the shared rooms, due to limited room capacities, can be announced on specific trips.

All participants are requested to be equipped with adequate gear depending on the character of particular field trip and all weather conditions might to encounter in Europe during June/July. The detailed instructions and recommendations will be e-mailed to the registered participants of the field trips in advance.

Cancellation conditions:

  • Until April 10, 2015 - 20 EUR administrative fees will be deducted from all refunds
  • From April 11, 2015 till May 8, 2015 - 50% will be refunded
  • From May 9, 2015 - no refunds can be processed under any circumstances

NOTICE: Any cancellations after May 8, 2015 and during the excursions won’t be accepted, including the events caused by force major (bad weather, natural disasters, etc…).

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