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B4 Astronomical Institute and the Geodetic Observatory Pecný in Ondřejov

Both of the institutions are located about 35 km south-east of Prague near the village of Ondřejov at an altitude of about 500 m. Here in a charming environment they are away from the air and light pollution of urban Prague.
The Astronomical Observatory in Ondřejov was built in 1898 by the Czech amateur astronomer Josef Jan Frič and donated to the Czech state on October 28, 1928 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its independence. From 1928 it was administered by the Charles University, Prague until the founding of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1953, which from then on operated it as part of its Astronomical Institute in conjunction with other observatories. The Astronomical Institute has been responsible, amongst other scientific achievements, for the discovery of numerous asteroids; more recent works include the examination of the trajectory and origin of the Chelyabinsk meteor.  Of interest is the fact, that the participants of the 3rd IUGG General Assembly, who met in Prague, September 3-10, 1927, collectively visited the Ondřejov Observatory.
The Geodetic Observatory Pecný is located close to the campus of the Astronomical Institute and is part of the Department of Geodesy and Geodynamics of the Research Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Topography. The department has its beginnings in the period before 1954. Within the broad range of research activities and an active part in the international scientific cooperation,  it also contributes to scientific services and projects of the IAG, especially IGS, EUREF/EPN, ICET, BGI, IDS, IGFS and participates in several international EU projects. The Geodetic Observatory Pecný is responsible for operation of all observing facilities (including data collection, archiving and dissemination), in particular GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and JAXA receivers; water vapor radiometer, tidal, superconducting and absolute gravimeters; meteorological sensors, seismometer, and other instruments.
The programme of the trip includes a visit of the nearby Komorní Hrádek Castle.

45,- EUR per person
Sunday, June 28
9:00 - 18:00
Prague > Ondřejov > Komorní Hrádek > Prague
1x lunch

B5 Paleontological Treasures in Lower-Paleozoic Marine Sediments in Barrandian

The Barrandian is famous as the first GSSP was established at the Klonk locality. The limestone of the Bohemian karst area have been quarried for a long time and used in numerous construction projects. We will see and compare natural and man-made landscapes and follow the history of quarrying in the Sv. Jan pod Skalou (Saint John) area we will see the incised meanders of the Loděnice river. The meanders were formed by down-cutting during eustatic uplift of the Bohemian Massif during Cenozoic.

25,- EUR per person
Saturday , June 27
9:00 - 17:00
Prague > Hlubočepy > Velká Chuchle > Přídolí > Sv.Jan pod Skalou > Koněprusy > Prague
1x lunch

B6 Military Geographic and Hydrometeorologic Office (MGHO) & Historical Fortification in the Orlické hory Mts.

The registration is closed. In case of interest please contact the IUGG Prague Secretariat.


MGHO is located in the city of Dobruška about 140 km north-east of Prague. It is a military institution that is responsible for the collection of information, creation and management of standardized geodetic, cartographic a geographic bases and maps and special databases intended to secure the defense of the Czech Republic. It fulfils the tasks of a direct geodetic, geographic and hydrometeorological support of military commanders and troops in training, in solving humanitarian operations and especially in security threats to the Czech Republic. It fulfils other tasks of the host nation in training of NATO allied armed forces in the territory of the Czech Republic. The visit to MGHO is combined with an excursion to Dobrošov fortress (near the city of Náchod) which is a part of a historical heavy forts line, all over the border ridge of the Orlické hory Mts., North Bohemia.

59,- EUR per person (currently not available)
Saturday, June 27
8:00 - 21:00
Prague > Třebechovice > Dobruška > Dobrošov > Prague


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