Statutes and By-Laws Committee

The Statutes and By-Laws Committee (“SBL Committee” in the following) prepares modifications of the Statutes and By-Laws of the Union based on the proposals for changes submitted by a Member Country or the IUGG Bureau. The proposals must reach the IUGG Secretary General at least six months before the date of the Council meeting at which the changes are to be considered (Statute 24).

In particular, its role and responsibilities are:
  1. The SBL Committee, after receiving the proposal for changes of the Statutes and By-Laws of the Union from the Adhering Bodies of the Member Countries and from the Bureau, shall prepare a consolidated report for presentation to and consideration by the IUGG Council, which shall include
    - name of the proposer;
    - intention of the change;
    - explanation of the change;
    - the changes proposed in the Statutes and By-Laws (current text versus revised text);
    - comments to the Council (if appropriate)
  2. The report of the SBL Committee should be submitted to the IUGG Secretary General not later than four month and one week before the announced date of the Council meeting.
  3. The Chair of the SBL Committee should present the report at the Council meeting when the relevant topic of the Agenda is considered.
Chair: Charles Fierz SIWTZERLAND
Members: Charles Barton
Jeff Freymueller
Ajai Manglik
Kathryn Whaler, ex-officio