Resolution Committee

The Resolution Committee prepares draft resolutions of a General Assembly of the Union to be presented to the IUGG Council for approval at the General Assembly. The Resolutions must be approved by both the Bureau and the Executive Committee before being presented to the Council (Guidelines on IUGG Administration, Clause VII).

In particular, its role and responsibilities are:
  1. The Resolution Committee normally works during the General Assembly of the Union at which the resolutions should be approved. Any Association or Member Country is invited to submit resolutions, which must be received by the designated deadline. Each resolution should be submitted in English and French.
  2. After receiving resolutions, the Resolution Committee meets at the General Assembly and prepares a set of resolutions following the special format of IUGG resolutions. The Resolution Committee edits the resolutions language (both English and French).
  3. The resolutions should be presented to the Bureau and Executive Committee at respective meetings of the bodies.
  4. The Chair of the Resolution Committee presents resolutions to the Council before the Councilís approval of the resolutions.

The Resolution Committee (2018-2019)

Chair: Harsh Gupta INDIA
Members: Zuheir Altamimi
Ray Cas
Georgia Destouni
Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade