Outreach Committee

The ad-hoc Outreach Committee has been established by the IUGG Executive Committee in July 2015 in Prague. The Committee is set up to organize and manage IUGG’s communication, promotion, public information and general outreach activities. Namely:
  • To promote the recognition and demonstrate the utility of Earth and space sciences in general, and IUGG in particular, to other organizations, industry, governments and the public at large, with special attention to the younger generations.
  • To develop liaisons with relevant national and international unions and associations, professional societies, and other international and intergovernmental bodies.
  • To help develop lasting relations with industry and national and regional geo/space agencies by developing joint R&D and other programs and projects.
  • To provide advice to the Union on options and actions by which IUGG could become more attractive to, and increase the participation of, young scientists.
Appropriate strategies will be developed for targeting students, early career scientists, scientists in developing countries, government agencies, private companies, decision makers, and international organizations.

Chair: Kathryn Whaler; Vice President UK
Members: Val Byfield
Julia Keller
Franz Kuglitsch, ex-officio
Sanjay Limaye
Karoly Nemeth
Greig Paterson