Honors and Recognition Committee

The Honors and Recognition Committee develops new and reviews existing Union award and medal programs.

In particular, its role and responsibilities are:
  • To maintain oversight of existing Union award and medal programs.
  • To assure that the objectives of the medals and awards are well defined.
  • To review the procedures for the nomination and selection of Fellows, medalists and awardees.
  • To make recommendations to assure that sufficient and appropriate nominations for the Fellows, Medals and Awards are received; assure that the Union medals and awards are appropriate and current.
  • To review proposals for new recognitions and suggest other recognition possibilities.
  • To assure that IUGG scientists are nominated for appropriate external awards.
  • To search for fund-raising opportunities for the Union honors and recognition programs.
Chair: Athena Coustenis FRANCE
Members: Lizzette Rodriguez
Olga Solomina
Bernard Wood