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2007-2011 Officer and Finance Committee Elections

Short report of the IUGG nominating committee / Invitation for further nominations

This report has been filed by the Nominating Committee. Further nominations are invited, as described in the report. The resumes of each candidate can be assessed by clicking on their name.

Submitted by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen,
December 2006

As announced in May 2006 by the IUGG Secretary General, the nominating committee has been collecting nominations for the positions in the IUGG Bureau and Finance committee. Nominations were received from 11 adhering bodies and from 2 officers of the union or associations.

Based on the nominations, a list of candidates has been assembled by the nominating committee. For each position either one or two candidates have been nominated, as required by the By-Laws (10b). The list was announced in the December IUGG E-Journal.

President: Tom Beer (Australia)
Vice-President: Harsh K. Gupta (India), and David Kerridge (U.K.)
Treasurer: Aksel W. Hansen (Denmark)
Secretary General: Alik Ismail-Zadeh (Germany)

Bureau Members
Position #1 Yun-Tai Chen (China)
Position #2 Ali Tealeb (Egypt)
Position #3 David Jackson (U.S.A.)

Finance Committee
Position #1 Jan Krynski (Poland)
Position #2 Kyoshi Suyehiro (Japan)
Position #3 Juan Francisco Vilas (Argentina)
Position #4 Czango Baag (Korea)

The Curriculum Vitae of each candidate can be viewed by clicking on the candidate's name above.

Additional nominations are invited from adhering bodies and from officers of the union and associations. The nominating committee can still add to this list of candidates during the next few months. If new candidates meet the general requirements for IUGG officers, and are supported by at least three presidents or equivalent officers of National Committees of Member Adhering Bodies, they will definitely be added to the list.

New candidates must signify their acceptance of the nomination and must prepare a resume outlining their position, research interests, and activities related to the Union. The deadline for adding nominations is 31 March 2007. The resulting final list of nominations will be completed and distributed by 30 April 2007. The By-Laws provide for re-nominations following the close of the first Council Meeting at the General Assembly.

If you have any question concerning the nomination procedure, please contact us.

On behalf of the members of the nominating committee:
Attia A. Ashour (Egypt)
Robert Duce (USA)
Seiya Uyeda (Japan)

Søren Gregersen (Denmark), sg@geus.dk, chair of the nominating committee.