Working Group on History (WGH)

The Working Group on History was established by the IUGG Executive Committee in November 2012. The broad goals of the WGH are to raise the historical consciousness of IUGG Association members and to help preserve IUGG scientific and institutional history. Historical awareness helps to makes us better scientists and enriches our lives by enabling us to relate the struggles and triumphs of our predecessors to our own day-to-day challenges.

The WGH promotes historical content in Union and Association scientific sessions and sponsors stand-alone history sessions at Union General Assemblies, with emphasis placed on the 100th anniversary of the IUGG in 2019. The WGH encourages publication of historical articles by Association members in relevant journals, in books, and on websites. In a secondary role, the WGH serves as a consultant to the IUGG and Association leadership on the preservation of institutional and scientific records.

The following are the current officers and members of the Union Working Group on History:

Chair: Hans Volkert (Germany)
Vice Chair: Claude Boucher (France)